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"Trading Trap" Series

Welcome to the "Trading Trap" series, taught by Micah May, one of TRADEway's registered Investment Advisor Representatives.  Here we will discuss a number of common "trading traps" that many investors fall for, and how you can avoid them!  

Introduction: Trading Traps

A lot of traders quit because they don't realize they have fallen into some common trading traps! Micah is here to empower you to trade well! In this series, you'll learn how to overcome many mistakes made by experienced traders so that YOU don't have to make those mistakes yourself!

Trap #1 - Trading solely based on the opinions of others

Micah explains why he thinks trading solely based on the opinions of others is a major "trading trap!"  Only you know your personal objectives, only you know your risk tolerance and game plan.  Nobody cares as much about your money as YOU do!

Trap #2 - Failing to make a plan

Even the best looking stock patterns can result in a bad trade if you go into a play without making a plan!  Micah May discusses how failing to make a plan can hurt you by causing bad buy points.  Learn how to make a trading plan that fits YOUR trading style and you'll avoid this "trading trap"!

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