Our People 

NOT Our People 

Want to Leave a Legacy

Seek God's Will

Want to Help

Take Action to Change

Speak Truth with Kindness 

Remain Calm, Think & Pray 

Take Responsibility 


Are Loyal

Are Optimistic & Cheerful 

Content, Yet Driven 

Put Others First

Support Capitalism & Free Trade 

Are Pro Second Amendment 

Are Pro-Life

Believe in Limited Government 

Just Want to Make Money

Doubt God's Leading 

Want a Hand Out

Do Nothing & Complain 

Passive-Aggressive or Mean

Panic & React or are Quick-Tempered 

Place Blame


Lack Commitment 

Are Anxious & Downtrodden 

Nothing is Ever Good Enough

Out for Themselves 

Prefer a Socialistic Society 

Think Laws Will Stop Law-Breakers 

Want to murder the result of their choices 

Look to Government to fix their problems 

Our People Read & Watch

The Bible 

Doctrinal & Christian Life Books

Motivational & Self Improvement Stories 

Instructional Info & Do-it-Yourself Videos

Financial Well-Being & Stewardship Studies 

Stock Trading & Investment Education 

Business & Entrepreneurial Reads

Christian Fiction 

Business/Political Fiction 

Inspirational Movies & Shows